The Big Bed Company for extra large beds

Question: How big can you make your beds?


Answer: the biggest bed and mattress size we make is bespoke and up to 10' wide by 10' long (305cm by 305cm).

For our standard sizes please click here. We have made most oversizes up to over 3m square - though you will need a really big bedroom with access to put this size in! Popular sizes are 4' wide by 7'6" long (120cm x 230cm); 6' by 7'6" (180cm by 230cm); 7'3" x 7'3" (220cm by 220cm); and 8' by 8' (245cm by 245cm). Some mattresses can come as one piece, although because of access issues, the wider sizes would normally be zipped - that is, two mattresses that lie side-by-side on the bed and zip together. We make duvets, mattress protectors, pillows, sheets, valances, and headboards to fit these bespoke sizes. Please contact us for details.