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Our extra large headboards can come in any fabric including Customer's Own, and in any odd sizes up to 8' (245cm) wide, including 7' Emperor (215cm) widths. If the larger headboard size you want is not listed, please contact us, we would be happy to quote for bespoke sizes - these are handmade headboards

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  1. emperor headboards

    Divan-mounted, available in sizes including Emperor Learn More
  2. custom made headboards

    Made to measure headboard with a double row of studs Learn More
  3. longer headboards

    Divan-mounted with long vertical panels Learn More
  4. bigger headboards

    Divan-mounted with a curved top, in a big variety of sizes Learn More
  5. Diamond pattern headboard

    Floor-standing, available in a wide range of sizes Learn More
  6. Widest headboards

    Floor-standing, available in larger sizes Learn More
  7. larger divans

    Floor standing, classic pillared headboard Learn More
  8. headboards up to eight foot

    Divan- or wall-mounted, a standard headboard in sizes up to Caesar Learn More
  9. really wide headboards

    Divan- or wall-mounted, a wide panelled headboard Learn More
  10. large headboards

    Wall-mounted, a block-effect, larger headboard Learn More

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10 Item(s)